Missing a face?

An actor’s, an extra’s or a creator’s face.
A screaming face, a silent face,
a nagging face, a spitting face,
an angry face, a smiley face,
a cheerful face, a sleepy face.
From a green face to a red face,
and anything in between.

Bendita. For all faces.

Bendita is a full-service talent agency representing actors, background actors, stand-ins, doubles, and commercial models for film, television, performances, advertising, music videos, and print. From its sister offices in Spain and Portugal, Bendita specializes in providing fresh faces for the performing arts.
Over the years, Bendita has also carved out a niche as a dependable casting company that provides comprehensive in-house casting services for all roles. Knowing its talent roster inside out, Bendita can help you cast the right face for your project.


Extras & Special Talent
Spain. jeanpierre@thisisbendita.com
Portugal. extrasportugal@thisisbendita.com

Booking & Casting
Spain. talent@thisisbendita.com
Portugal. bookingportugal@thisisbendita.com

Spain & Portugal. ficcion@thisisbendita.com


Bendita Spain
+34 911 336 445

Calle de la Sombrerería 22. 28012 Madrid - Spain
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Bendita Portugal
+351 218 140 201

Tv. do Olival à Graça 38B. 1170-378 Lisboa - Portugal
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