Raquel Jorge


I am a curious, dedicated and sometimes a little stubborn girl. I like being with my family and I love looking at old photo albums, remembering moments and stories that have passed but that will stay like that forever, unchanged and frozen in time. I can’t live without music and I think that my playlist really reflects who I am. I listen to a bit of everything and I love discovering new musical styles. The diversity that exists, not only in the world of music but also in the world in general, fascinates me and makes life much more interesting and exciting. Acting allows me to do just that, to reinvent myself and explore things that I've never explored before.


  • "The Game Door" - Short Movie 2022


  • "Farsa de Inês Pereira" - directed by David Carvalho
    "O Velho da Horte" - directed by David Carvalho
    "O Fado de Esfanarelo" - directed by Luiz Oliveira


ACT - Escola de Actores
- Workshop "Iniciação às Ténicas do Ator" - Nuno Nunes
- Workshop "Representação para Cinema" - David Bonneville

Oficinas Teatro Lisboa
- Workshop "À Descoberta do Teatro"

Bachelor in Theater and Perfomative Arts from University de Trás-os-Mones e Alto Douro


  • Português